* What are you doing this year for Christmas?

In my family, my brothers, sister and I all spend Christmas together at my mum and dads 1 year and the following year they spend it with their in-laws. This year its in-laws year and as I’m the only one in my family that’s not married it means I get to spend Christmas with my parents every year which is so lovely! I decided to invite my mum and dad over here this year so that they can relax and I’ll try and cook a Christmas dinner for them! Emphasis on the word “try” haha

* What is your favourite part of Christmas day?

I love spending time with family and friends at Christmas especially as I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like with working away so much, I also love it because it’s the only day in the year that you can constantly have food in your hand! Can’t beat a Christmas Day feast haha

* Who will you be spending it with?

My parents and close family friends

* What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Has to be miracle on 34th street

* Do you have a favourite Christmas drink, food or recipe?

I love Christmas pudding with custard and mulled wine

* Best present ever and worst present ever?

I’m so lucky that I have been so spoiled at Christmas time from my family and friends, I couldn’t pick my best present but my worst was a lump of turf from my brother when we done Secret Santa a few years ago, he thought he was hilarious. I did too but I’d never tell him that!

* Are you a buy in advance or wait until the last minute kind of Christmas shopper?

Most of the time I leave it last minute but this year we’ve been SO busy that I decided to organise as much as I could as early as I could as I’m working right up until Christmas Eve.

* What will you be doing for New Year’s Eve this year?

We are normally working every New Year’s Eve and this year is no different, I don’t mind it though as I find New Years quite emotional so it is definitely a distraction when we are entertaining everyone else. I might have a drink or two after we finish with family and some close friends.

* where will you be spending it?

I’ll be spending it in Ireland, we’re working 15 minutes from home, so it’s very handy!

* Who will you be spending it with? Who’s getting your midnight kiss?

I’ll be spending it with my band and crew, I think it would be kind of awkward if there were any midnight kisses on stage! Haha

* Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions if I’m honest? I believe more in, if you really want to achieve something or improve something about yourself, you should strive to do this throughout the year instead of just the first two weeks and then break it!

* What has been your most successful New Year’s Resolution? And least successful?

After the festive period, I try my best to stop eating rubbish and chocolate etc but it’s just impossible! Especially with chocolate, I can’t help it!

* Favourite New Year’s Eve tipple?

I love a glass of bubbly

* Other than Auld Langs Syne what song would you want to play you into 2016? And why?

Auld langs syne makes me want to cry! I don’t know why? I guess it just reminds me so much of new year and I always reflect and think about people that were here last New Year’s Eve and are no longer with us! I’d love to sing anything else but I guess it’s tradition everywhere to sing Auld Langs Syne so I’ll just have to suck it up!

* What are you working on between now and the new year?

We are extremely busy with shows between now and the new year, we have 11 more to go and then it’s holiday time!

* What projects do you have coming up in 2016?

2016 is looking to be another incredibly busy year for us which I’m so thankful for. I’ll be working on another new album, we have exciting concert tours of Scotland and England throughout the year as well as extensively touring Ireland in between times. 2015 brought me a lot of TV work which I absolutely loved so fingers crossed I get the opportunity to experience more of this in 2016. We also have a few extremely exciting projects that we are working on behind the scenes also that I cannot reveal as of yet, but, if they go to plan then 2016 will be a huge year for us.