Lisa McHugh has just returned from a well-deserved continental break and is preparing to launch herself into a hectic series of engagements that will span concerts, dances and special shows.
It was in the immediate aftermath of what was a particularly busy Christmas period for her that Lisa jetted off to foreign parts and then returned with her batteries re-charged for what promises to be a frenetic spell in the full glare of the spotlight.
One of her first ports of call will be to the Tullyglass House Hotel, Ballymena this Saturday night where her dynamic singing style and effervescent stage show are sure to wow dancers.
It was following the unprecedented success of numbers such as ‘Applejack’ and ‘Hillbilly girl’ that Lisa’s singing career took off in quite spectacular style and now she is a firm favourite in dancing venues up and down the country.
She returns to the Tullyglass House Hotel just as she is formulating plans for the recording of a new album and finalising plans for her country music week-end in the West Lodge Hotel, Bantry in April.
“We have been busily engaged in mapping out the year ahead and obviously it promises to be very busy but we will take things one step at a time,” smiles Lisa, “Our whole focus just now is on delivering the best performance we can at the Tullyglass House Hotel on Saturday night so that everyone who will be there enjoys a great time.”
Having added a number of new songs to her programme and amended her stage presentation further, Lisa looks destined to reach even greater heights as 2018 unfurls.
But whatever happens her feet will remain firmly planted on the ground.
“We are certainly not getting carried away. The important thing is that we continue to retain the faith of our fans and put on our best possible show every night we play,” says Lisa.
Doors at the Tullyglass House Hotel will open at 9.00 pm on Saturday night and Lisa and her band will be on stage at 11.00.