Living in lakeland Fermanagh has meant that Lisa McHugh is more than comfortable singing about the county’s biggest leisure attraction; fishing, on her new single.

The girl with the angelic voice sings about the ‘Girl With The Fishing Rod’ on her new single, the first track to be released from her forthcoming album.

Some might have thought Lisa, who moved to Ireland from Glasgow six years ago, would have been a fish out of water on the Irish Country Music scene. But instead she rose to the bait and has scaled the heights of stardom in Ireland, netted multiple awards, reeled in thousands of fans and filled venues to the gills. In fact, it has gone swimmingly for her.

Since making Fermanagh her home, Lisa has admitted that she has sun-bathed and jet skied on the Erne but never cast a line.

Speaking today, Lisa said she undertook many challenges during her Lisa on the Road TV series and is not codding when she quipped that she is up for taking a rod and casting her line over the summer.

The Female Entertainer of the Year just recently launched LTV, her own weekly show on Facebook, which includes a mix of music, chat and news for her legion of fans worldwide. She has also been in the studio putting together the finishing touches to her new album as well as touring the country performing at some of the country’s biggest festivals and recently topped over five million views for her hit single ‘Waltz with the Angles’ on Facebook.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she has also debuted on Downtown Country, presenting a show on the station for the next three Saturdays.

‘Girl With The Fishing Rod’ is on sale now and is available for download on iTunes